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Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Text analysis: Mood
Mod is the feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for a reader. Elements that help create the mood
of a poem include imagery, sound devices (such as repetition and rhyme), and parallelism.
Reading skill: Analyze the Speaker
The Lady of Shalott
Mood: Determined, isolation.
Mood: Melancholic and nostalgic.
In Memorian
Mood: Thoughtful.
Crossing the Bar
Mood: Solemn.
Robert Browning
Poetic form: DramaticMonologue
Reading skill: Make Inferences about Speakers
My Last Duchess
Listener: Agent of a powerful count.
Speaker: The Duke
Speaker´s personality: aristocrat, possessive, sensitive, due great respect.
Dilemma: He is possessive, jealous, inductive.
Aspect that threatens love: Jealousy.
Porphyria´s Lover
Listener: Porphyria.
Speaker: Porphyria´s Lover.
Self- Image: He is sure that he is doing the right thing. Help her has no pain because she can´t love him
True Nature: He is psychopath. Jealousy got him crazy, possessive and looked abnormal or with a
mental illness.

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