Which of the following statements is true?,

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false: “neverteless,oter boats and planes ave vanised from te area in good weater witout even radioing dis3s messages.”

true: “te first report about te mysterious bermuda triangle as been assigned to xristoper columbus wen in 1492 e sailed troug te area on is first voyage to te new world.”

The weather can cause difficulties to navigate in this sea, with the presence of hurricanes that develop in the summer and strong storms

Both researchers and insurance companies do not consider the Bermuda Triangle a highly risky place since disappearances are not more common than in other places.

assigned - azardous - innumerable -consider

altoug / no matter ow / even toug / toug / despite te fact tat ----- as solved

ow long ----- since

did not take / ad not taken ----- would not be cayed / would not ave been cayed

jon asked us if / weter we knew tat many sips and planes ad disappeared in te bermuda triangle.

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