Which of the following statements is true?,

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REPORTED SPEECH:negativa NOT TO! ORDERS: told ordered asked commanded. STATEMENTS (LO QUE DICEN): said told declared promised

CAMBIOS: 1. subjects and possesive pronouns. 2.Tenses: past-past perfect/ past continuous-past perfect continuous/ will-would/would-would/ can-could/could-could/may-might/must-had to/present perfect-past perfect/past perfect-past perfect. 3. adverbs: this-that/now-then/tonight-that night/yesterday-the day before/these-those/tomorrow-the following day/here-there/there there. QUESTIONS: where's the bus station?- he asked me where the bus station was. Asked/questioned/wanted to know--if/whether. Are you going to the party?- he asked me whether I was going to the party. Do you like football?- he asked me whether I liked football. SUGGESTIONS: how about + ing..? What about + ing...? Would you want to...? Shall we...? Why don´t we....? Let's... /we could... SUGGESTED(+ING/THAT WE + PRESENT/THAT WE SHOULD) shall we go to the cinema- i suggested going to the cinema.

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