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In this composition I am going to talk about places that I would like to visit. I haven’t gone to many places of these ones yet, but I hope that I will make my dreams come true in the future.* First  of all I would like to visit Disney Land Paris. *It is a place that I love, I feel like in a cloud having fun from the atmosphere and above all, I like to remember my infancy. When I was 7, my parents gave me as present for my birthday a ticket for being able to visit the park. *In summer, I love go to the swimming pool or to the beach, but my biggest dream is to visit in any  summer Mallorca. I haven ever been able to visit it, so If I get the chance to do it, my holidays will be unique and this would be one of my best summer. One the sports that I would like to practice there is Surf. *If I was turist, I also would like to internshipab road with english people. I wouldn’t have any problem to live in a house that is not mine for a week. I would love it if that person was a girl to share with her a couple of things like hobbies, etc. One of the activities that I would like to do there is to learn the language and to visit the city

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