Which of the following statements is true?,

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            +: S + PAST VERB O -ED

            -: S + DIDN´T + INFINITIVE

            ?: DID + S + INFINITIVE

  We can Connect past actions with when and while: they where working when there was in Cave-in


            +: S+ WAS/WHERE + INFINITIVE-ING


            We Use used to and would to talk about past habits an old routines

            -The Miners used to send up videos from the mine

            -They Would go down mines every day

            We Use used to, not would, for a state in the past that isn´t true now

            -She Used to have a red sport car. NOT: she would have…

            -I Used to live in northern california. NOT: i would live…


-when we talk about two events in the past, we Can use the past perfect to make clear whick happened firts

            -Darwin Had gone missing in march 2002 an was officially declared dead a year late

-we often use a variety of different Conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions whit the past perfect.

            -the Money was imported because they had accumulated havy debts

            -after, Since, when

-we often use the past perfect after “thinking” Vrs such as think, decide, know, belive, forget, emember

            -i Thought whe had decided to go to the cinema this evening

            -jake Knew he had made a terrible mistake

-just another day - a routine day

-just in time - before it was too late

-just waiting for news - doing nothing else Excepten that

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