Which of the following statements is true?,

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infinitive with to or verb-ing:
(see--too see)----------(visit--visiting)---------(mind-wait--waiting)------(wait--to wait)-----(swim--to swim)--------(want-go--to go)-------(rain--raining)------(go--to go)
talking about the future:
planeta---aliens wan`t invade our planet.
llover-----look at those clouds. It s going to rain.
tarde-----I`m going to play basketball this afternoon.
vale-----I``ll call you tomorrow, ok.
ayer----I``m travelling to paris the weekend, i bought the ticket yesterday.
ayudo---this maths problem is very difficult--ill help you.
5 de la tarde--the train leaves at 5 PM.
tres semanas-----we``ll be enjoying our summer holidays three weeks.
18 de junio----I``ll have finished the exams by 18 th june.
So/such:              such
----It was such a delicious cake-----that i ate three pieces.
----They are such cheap trainers----that i ll buy three pairs.
-----they day was so cold----that we culdn``t  go out.
------the children are so shy----that they don``t have any friends.
doctor---my brother Rob, who is a doctor,lives in australia
expensive-----Amy``s coat,which was quite expensive,was stolen form the restaurant.
there----that s the resturant where I ate the best roost lamb.
chef-----that s the teacher whose son is a important chef.
the said that----they were hungry.
he told me that-----she had one a price.
she told me that-----she was going ta see a movie last night.

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