Which of the following statements is true?,

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1. A) False. Arriving as ordinary unripe bananas from the Philippines, ("Mozart Bananas" are in for a surprise.) 

b) True. "Mozart bananas", Which made their debut last July, are more expensive than ordinary bananas, but Sales are sky-rocketing.

2. A) The bananas arrive green to Japan, all the colors and the cameras with music of Mozart during a week so that they mature them.

b) He thinks that music is beneficial for tomatoes because they ripen better if they listen to Mozart's music ten hours at day. 

3. A back B) sky-rocketing c) beverages d) regular

4. A) Thought…….. Heard…….. Listening b) It…….. On c) than d) since……..Best

5. Nowadays there are so many types of music that it is difficult to listen to only one. However, if I have to choose one of the different trends, I think I will select pop music.//I like to listen to pop music because there are many styles involved in it like pop-rock for example. Many good musical groups, as well as solo artists who have dedicated their talent to this type of music.//My favorite singers are Melendi or Dani Martin, I like these singers for the lyrics of their songs and also for the rhythm of the songs they sing.//However, I like to listen to all types of music because I think it is relaxing and also because there is no type of music that I do not like.

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