Static stick force stability

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end range-the limit of movement of a joint

shin- the front of the leg below the knee
subarachnoid- below one of the membranes that covers the brain
supination- to rotate the hand so the palm faces forwards
temporal- near temples of skull
CARTILAGE- conective tissue that covers the ends pf bones and acts as a cushion to absorb shock and a smooth surface to decrease friction between two or more bones 
CONTRACTURE-  occurs when a joint loses motion due to structural changes in the muscle
CERVICAL- pertaining to the neck
CORE- pertaining to the trunk
DEFORMITY- is a major difference in the shape of a body part compared to what is normal for that body part
EXTENSION- a straightening or backward movement of the spine or limbs 
FINE MOTOR-the action involving the small muscles of the hands
FLEXION- a bending or forward movement of the spine or limbs
GROSS MOTOR-  involves movement of large muscle groups of the body 
HYPERMOBILITY- movement beyond normal range of motion
HYPERTONIC- muscle tone higher than normal
HYPOTONIC - less than normal tone
INTERNAL ROTATION- an inward turning of the limb toward the body 
INSTABILITY-lack of firmness in wheight-bearing.
KINESTHESIA- conscious awarenes of body movement, detected by joints
LIGAMENTS- are the soft tissues that hold two or more bones together
LUMBAR- pertaining to te low back
MIDLINE- the theoretical lines that divide the body into two equal halves vertically or horizontally
MOTOR CONTROL- the ablity o the central nervous system to regulate or direct the musculoskeletal system in a purposeful act
QUADRICEPS- a large muscle group on the anterior/front surface of the thigh responsible for knee extension
REFLEX- an involuntari response to a stimulus
SPASTICITY- hypertension of muscles causing stiff and awkward movements 
STATIC- in equilibrium, not in motion
SUPINE- lying on the back
TACTILE DEFENSIVENESS- a negative reponse or increased sensitivity to touch
THORACIC- pertaining to or affecting the chest or upper back
TENDON- is the non-contractile unit that transmits the force of the muscle to the bone.
TONE- the degree of tension normally present in the resting state of a muscle
UNILATERAL- affecting or occurring on only one side of the body

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