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28. Rasselas tries to calm his sister telling her not to be troubled by evil that has not even lived. He is giving an answer to everything above the princess said: that marriage is not a problem and it is normal that arise confrontations, because they arise outside and within marriage. She should not to be troubled by the continuity of its species because what they have to look for is the happiness of the individual, with or without marriage, populating or not the world , because it is the least of the problems.

29. The characters continue discussing about marriage. Finally the issue of marriage they conclude that sooner or later you marry, you will always get pleasures and also problems, and you have to deal with them, because you have to be consistent with our actions.

30. In this chapter Imlac comes and suggests Rasselas study the monuments of the ancient Egyptians, but Rasselas replied that he is more interested in a man and not in buildings. But the princess and Imlac reply that it is impossible to know a present of a man without having studied his past. A present is a result of a past. Thus, by examples they do understand to Rasselas and plan a visit to the pyramids.

31. Rasselas, Nekhaya and Imlac reach the pyramids and they are amazed by its enormity. Imlac begins to describe the pyramid praising his strength and care. The next day they organize a visit inside the pyramid but a lady princess refuses to go there, because she is afraid of the dead. She thinks that the dead can be anywhere. Anyway, Pekuah prefer to stay out with a princess.

32. When they entered to the pyramid, they compare the function that had the pyramid which has the Great Wall of China. While one served for the defence of people, the other inspired the wishes of a ruler. The poet believes that this construction has been based on the madness and the pain of humble people who have put stone by stone to construct the pyramid.

33. When they return from the pyramid, they find destroyed camp and one of them realize that Pekuah is not there with them. They deduce that she has been kidnapped by the Arabs, the same who attacked the camp. They decide to go to find her, but they do not find her and decide to return to Cairo.

34. When they return the princess goes to have rest, because she was worried about her friend. Rasselas will talk to the Bassa to find his sister. Imlac communicates with the dark circles but they are not effective. Princess speaks with Imlac lamenting having left her alone.

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