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I went to Puerto Rico, a country with many fun things; I accompanied me: my mother Pino, my father Manuel, my sister Carolina, my best friend Celia and my will, my dog Patty. There were many beaches, coconut fruit trees, tropical fruits, a bay with crystal clear water, clear skies ... It seems that there is always summer. There are different people, lots of fruit eaten. The people there really likes dancing and are very happy.

There goes a lot of people on vacation, the beach sand is blond. From the beach the cruise ships are, carnivals are very famous and very funny. We stayed in a five star hotel called Puestasol, it was fun, I felt very important, looked like a famous. We walked in and had a bellman who took the suitcase. In the buffet we had plenty of food. I had a very good and best of all is that the buttons to see my little dog became frightened; carried it inside a bag, was hidden

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