Stearic acid

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The Cori Cycle - What Happens To Lactate?- Is Lactate A Bad Thing? After Lactate (lactic acid) is produced, it is transported by the blood to the liver where most of it is converted back to glucose. During periods of rest, the formed glucose is then more efficiently stored as Glycogen through a process known as Glycogenesis. One sixth of the lactate is oxidized to carbon dioxide. During the Cori Cycle: lactic acid is recycled. Lactic Acid is converted to pyruvate for future conversion of glucose and glycogen. Energy From Other Sources: - As we all know the primary source of energy during physical activity comes from ?? Carbohydrates and other Glucose sources (bread + fruit, etc). However Fat is also used as an energy source during physical activity and in times of need Proteins can also be used. Fats: These are an ideal fuel source because they contain large amounts of stored energy (pound for pound more than twice as much than carbs or protein). Lipids: These are a diverse group of molecules, composed predominantly of hydrocarbon (C-H) bonds. In human cells, fats serve as long-term energy storage molecules. How? Stores energy in the Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds. It also helps cushion and protect important organs & helps body retain heat! Examples: (Butter, Cream, Cheese, Meats, Margarine). Fats are made of mainly 2 types of molecules:Fatty Acids. Glycerol. Fatty Acids are long carbon hydrogen chains with carboxyl group (COOH) at one end.

How Fats Are Stored Glyceride:A glycerol molecule bonded to three fatty acids is better known as a Triglyceride. Trig are the long-term energy storage molecules in animals and are stored in Fat Cells in Adipose Tissue. Function: When the body is in need of energy, the fatty acids break apart from the glycerol base in a process known as Lipolysis. Both the Glycerol and Fatty Acid can be converted to a precursor that can be used in cellular respiration during times of need. The point at which the fatty acids enter the energy system is the Krebs Cycle AKA Citric Acid Cycle.

Fats: Before entering the Krebs (Citric Acid) cycle, Fatty Acids must 1st be converted to Acetyl CoA through a process known as Beta Oxidation. BO Occurs in the mitochondria & involves 4 chemical reactions that turn fatty acids to Acetyl CoA. Saturated Fats: Found in Red Meats & Dairy Products. Linked to health problems, particularly related to the circulatory system. Why?Difficult to break down. Lipids made from unsaturated fatty acids are called Unsaturated Fats. Unsaturated Fats: Derived from plants, i.E. Canola, corn, olives, avocado. Some benefit your health, Why?Easy to break down, Mediterranean Diet.

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Stearic acid