First step in forming sedimentary rock

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KARST LANDFORM- A modelling that takes place in limestone masses due to the action of water with dissolved carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  The CO2 reacts with the calcium carbontae in the limestone adn transforms it into calcium bicarbonate. This is a type of chemical weathering callled carbonatation. The inflitrationof water slowly alter and soddolves the limestone, making the cracks and fissures in the rock and creating lapies, dolines, poljes, galleries and caverns. In the cavities, the dissolves calcium bicarbonate can be transformed back into insoluble carbonate, creating stlactites and stalagmites. JOINTS-Are short, narrow cracks that appear in a rock mass without the cracked blocks moving at all. EROSION- The progressive wearing of rocks by the action of modelling agents. DIAGENESIS-  It is the set of processes that transform sediment into sedimentary rocks. Compaction: The sediment is compressed, which reduces the space between the particles and expeñs any water and air. Cementation: It is the precipitation of substances that were dissolves in the expelled water, filling in the gaps and strongly binding the particles together

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