Steps to war - aggression by japan, italy and germany 1931-1939

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Economic And political problems troubled Europe in the years after WW1

World War Two broke up when GERMANY invaded POLAND

Nazi Germany targeted the JEWS during the HOLOCAUST

Allied Victories in EUROPE and JAPAN.

Problems In Europe led to WW2, the deadliest war in history.

( F )  A stock market crash in the United Kingdom triggered a global economic Crisis in the 1930s knows as the Great Depression.

( T  ) A dictator is a ruler who has total control.

(T) Adolf Hitler promised to strengthen Germany and vowed to rebuilt Germany’s military and economy.

( T ) On September 1, 1939, German forces Launched an all-out attack on Poland

( F ) The Holocaust was the attempt by The Nazi government during the World War One to eliminate Europe’s Jews.

1.The Cold War divided Europe between:

Democratic And Communist

2.Many Eastern European countries changed Boundaries and forms of government at the end of:

Cold War

3.European cooperation had brought __________ Change to Europe.

Economical And Political

4.After years of division during the Cold War, Today __________ is working toward unity.


Rivalry develops between the United States and The Soviet Union after World War II is a __________ of the Cold War.


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