Steps to war - aggression by japan, italy and germany 1931-1939

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GERMANY: The treaty of Versailles had obligated to give up territories to Poland and Czechoslovakia.

ITALY: It hadn't been given the territories it wanted in the Mediterranian.


This forced countries to find new markets for their products. And countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan implemented economic policies based on autarky and rearmament.


Germany, Italy, and Japan wanted to expand their territories in order to acquire more raw materials and to satisfy their territorial demands.

Japan: Expanded its territories in Asia. They occupied Manchuria and the North of China.

 Italy: Occupied Albania and invaded Abyssinia.


1935: The Saar was reincorporated after voting.

1936: Occupied the Rhineland, the militarise area signs the Treaty of Versailles.

1938: Germany took Austria peacefully and also the Sudetenland because many Germans were living there. Hitler called the Munich Conference because Czechoslovakia protested. Hitler promised not to take more countries in Europe and nothing is said.

1939: Germany Occupied Czechoslovakia, breaking the agreement, at the Munich Conference.


As U.K and France were afraid of another war, they tolerated the territorial expansion of these countries was tolerated.

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