What is the story "what happened to a dean of santiago" about?

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The film "LIFE OF BYRON" is based on real events, with a touch of drama. The Film was directed by Juan Fernandez Liviano. It star Byron as Byron and Juan Fernandez Liviano as person.

The film Won 10 Oscar for Best Actor Byron, Best Director Juan Fernandez Liviano, best Soundtrack, best film, and more.

The film is Set in Sagunto in 2016. The film is located in Valencia / Spain and Alicante

The film Tells the story of Byron, he is very lively Rottweiler, he just wanted make new Friends but as it was very large, other dogs approaching, poor Byron. How sad.

But one day Byron became friends with a person, Byron and that person played together, they Also went for a walk and then played ball, and they sometimes fight, but they Were good friends nothing happened.

Thanks to That person, Byron gradually came to know more people and dogs, now when the Person and Byron go down the street many people them greet and play.

The film is Drama with a happy ending.

I recommend For how the film progresses, the movie is sad at first but then very cheerful.


My story

It all Started last year when we went to Japan on vacation, my brother, my cousin and I, and although the trip was well, we passed many things.

The first Thing we did was hire the trip through an agency, we hired all expenses paid, Travel, hotel and food, and a guide.

We went to Start the trip by taxi to the airport when we arrived it was crowded, long Before serving us and then we learned that the plane had been delayed. Everything started badly ....

When we got On the plane next to me a very heavy person sat, that person talked a lot, ate A lot, I just enjoy when that person fell asleep/ went to sleep.

Once in Japan the guide did not come, my brother who knows English, he had to ask other Foreigners and some Japanese where our hotel was.

The next Day came the guide and everything was better, we could see many things, tokyo Tower, several temples and parks cherry trees, the worst of the trip were the Hellish train travel, or changes over time.

We were a Total of 7 days and bought many gifts for the family.

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