What is the story "what happened to a dean of santiago" about?

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A:What time does his plane land ?I'd like to go and meet him at the airport. -We will never know what happened. It will remain us a mystery forever.-When you meet someone for the first time, it`s best not to discuss anything controversial -It`s such a great story. I'm sure someone will turn develp it into a film.-I'm still working on my idea I need to forecast it. B: 1-(work) i worked 2-(decide) decided 3-(like) did like 4-(look) was looking 5-(go) went 6-(meet) met 7-(become) became 8-(visit) visited 9-(live) lived 10-(not be) wasn`t easy 11-(have) had 12-(were preparing C: 1-Disgusting  2-terrified 3-surprised 4-a terrifying b surprises me 5-a interesting b amazing D: 1-I will have finished 2-will be sitting 3-will be living 4-won't have start 5-won´t be playing E: 1-went 2-said 3-started 4-was watching 5-called 6-was going 7-saw 8-called 9-gave 10-mentioned 11-told 12-tried F:1-siblings 2-floods 3-spreed 4-peers 5-live up to 6-lended 7-chores 8-apply for G: 1-a I finished b- i'll have the Project finished 2-a my Friends left 3-a jim was walking home

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