What is the story "what happened to a dean of santiago" about?

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This story happened in Seabrook. Allie Hamilton, on upper-class student, came with her Family to spend the summer holidays. In Seabrook’s festival, she meet a Young boy Noah Calhour . This guy was a lowe class Boy the opposite of Allie. Althougth the were very different the weremadly in Love each other because of personal problems and the Second Wourld War, the Could not be together. In fact she bécame engager with Lan, an upper-class Soldier. When it seened that they would never be together again, Noah returns To reconquer Allie’s heart. Eventuallychildren, but , they married and they had Children, but after years. Allie fell ill of Alzheimer, and She was moved to a nursing Home. From then on Noah has spent every day with her and daily he reads pages From his diary to Allie.

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