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Certainly, in both stories every event of the story is highly detailed. In My view, colors show a perfect important role. They provide darkness and terror To the tales, especially the black and red colors. For example, in the first Story, red color repeatedly means blood, pain, fear, even evil. Also, it’s shown as an accent color to stimulate people ( The prince )  to make quick decisions (for example at the end of the story when Prospero wanted to kill the man with The red mask ) . It’s very similar to black Color that is mentioned in the second story, which means evil, mystery and also Terror. The black cat, according to Poe, expresses a mystery of forebodings, Devilry and wickedness. So, to cap it all , in both stories, colors have a similar Meaning that help us to create a terrific scenario

I think any story by Poe would Be absolutely a Blockbuster for two main reasons. Firstly, most of his books Have been bestsellers without doubts. This means that this author has many Followers, so a film adaptation would be a blockbuster without questions.  Secondly, the author produces moments of Magic, terror, darkness, mystery in every sentence that he writes, so, it would Be a good challenge to create and transform those feelings into scenes. To put It more exactly, it’s a creative director who tries to explain the same Criteria of Poe, or at least, put it closer to it.  View from this angle, its necessary a good Production and finally, famous actors. 

If I were SimoneIf I were a medium, I would do a famous business above all:  selling forecasts again and again  Along these lines,  If you want to know something that is going to Happen,  firstly you have to pay me. ($ 50 for each visit, and you would have the right to know what you want to know About the people who died, for the record. Then, and to top it all , and  after talking with some dead scientists to give Answers of some studies research,  I would Sell that knowledge. Finally, with all that money, after all is said and done, I would become rich.

·No Pestilence had  ever been so fatal or so Hideos. ( because sharp pains and sudden dizziness

·Each Hour a particular sound  = silent

·Prince Prospero  ( a happy and dauntless man)

·Building= Magnificent and extensive structure


·Fifth Or sixth months of his seclusion  ( Masked ball )

·Wild Music of the orchestra

·It Was in the last chamber that stood  a Gigantic clock

·12 Strokes

·He Came like a thief in the night

Candles exprired 

·The story is told In the first person bya middle-aged woman who spends her first Christmas alone in a rented room. The festivity is a perfect occasion to yield to memories and think of past Christmases… But… no! In the diary the situation is reversed: the young man Is visited by a middle-aged woman who suddenly disappears. He thoughtshe was the ghost, and it was Christmas Eve! On top of that we finally learn that he died on the same evening and his Name was the same the boy had told the woman as soon as he entered her room: Francis Randel. In my opinionloneliness is The leitmotiv of the story and the key to interpret it. Actually, if we Consider each ofthe two characters we discover that both are lonely. The Middle-aged woman, who used to be surrounded by loving people, has decided to Spend Christmas alone. No call for season’s greetings; no thought for a dear Friend or relative. Only books are her friends.

* Don Juan's reputation as a womanizerhe Thought he would have to sleep

Alone for One night because there were no women in Quintero's house as

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