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Mckinsey Is a management consulting company; the conducted Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses in order to evaluate management decisions across the public and Private sectors.

In the 1980s the company developed Mckinsey framework 7s in order to improve The internal issue of the organization. The 7s differentiate between the hard element and soft element. The hard Element consisted of, STRATEGY, STRUCTURE and SYSTEMSand soft element are SKILLS, STAFF, STYLE and SHARE VALUE. All areas are interconnected and that means change one area will have Implications for all of the others areas.

STRATEGY – Organization plan to win in the marketplace and how the organization Gain advantage over the competions.

STRUCTURE – The way organization structures its resources its people its machinery and Its money.

SYSTEMS –  The processes undertaken by the people Who work in the organization.

SKILLS – The workforces skills and core competencies of the organization

STAFF –  The employees

STYLE – The way the organization conducted is operation, this area has been the Culture of the organization.

SHARE VALUE – All value of the organization and they permeate aspects.  

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