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What would You advise young people to avoid stress?

Teenagers today live in a very competitive world. Apart from the daily academic pressure, we are also exposed to stressful Situations. That is why for me there are some tips to avoid stress.

Nowadays Stress is a problem that affects everyone, especially students. Projects, studying, Exams, lack of organization, among others, are some reasons why young people Can have stress, which can affect their health.

The feeling Of anxiety, nervousness, having on upset stomach, are results of stress. This Is the reason why, for me, there are some tips to avoid stress, at least for Me.

In the first Place, sleep well, you should sleep seven or eight hours.

Secondly, exercise, if you don’t practise sports, Your body functions will be slow. Thirdly, food, you must have a balanced Died./ On the other hand, be optimistic, accept difficult circumstances and try To change the situations that create stress in your life.

Finally, Relax, get organised. Assign a specific time for each task or daily activity, And all in good time, don’t leave for tomorrow what you do can do today.

In Conclusion, we all have situations that can lead to a state of stress. But you Must learn to cope with the problems that will be presented every day.

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