By studing the structures wich go to make up living beings and how they

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Each level Of organization helps to build the next level. Lower are simple than the upper That are more complex.ATOM: Smallest, make up living things. Bioelements: oxygen, hydrogenMOLECULE: a Group of two or more atoms joined together chemically.         Biomolecules are molecules that make Up living thingsORGANELLE: Group of biomolecules that work together to form cell structuresCELL: group Of organelles and structures. Simplest level of lifeORGAN: group Of different tissues that work together to carry out a specific functionORGAN SYSTEM: Group of similar or different organs that work together to carry out life FunctionsORGANISM: Independent living thing made up of organs systems that can carry out all the Life functionINORGANIC BIOMOLECULESThey are Found in living and non-living things.Water: most Abundant substance in living things. 65% of the bodyineral salts: Can be found in living things in the form of dissolved ions


Are unique To living things contains carbon/CarbohydratesMonosaccharides: composed of one molecule: glucose. Give energy to the celsDisaccharides: formed when two monosaccharides Are joined: sucrose. Obtain energy cellsPolysaccharides: many monosaccharides joined: Glycogen that reserve energy. Help the develop of the cells/Lipids. Reserve energyFats, phospholipids and cholesterol: necessary to live but not excese. Can be broken intoGlycerol: Alcohol that need our body/Fatty acidsProteins. Transport moleculesComposed Of many smaller molecules called amino Acids that help in all parts in our bodyCollagen, haemoglobin and antibodies/Nuclei acidsComposed Of smaller ones called nucleotidesDNA and RNA

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