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My name is Maria roman, I am nineteen years old, I was born in Madrid, on the 26 th of December1996.

I studied at San Buenaventura school, since I was three years old until I was eighteen. Now I am studying at the La    Salle school Learning child education.

I am also Volunteer in an association of horse called Teanima. Besides, I would love to Work in keendergarden.

I am very Charming and happy.

My Favourite hobbies are riding a horse and swimmming. I have been practising Since I was small.

When I was Studying second os bachillerato I dida helping course. At the moment I am Trying to get a driving licencie.

I am Single.



Windy- Ventoso

Cloudy- Nublado

Snowing- Nevoso

Raining- lluvioso

Dark- oscuro

Hailing- granizo


Foggy- niebla

Drais-gotas De agua

Thunder- Trueno

Lighting- Relampago

Bailing- Calor extremo

Freezing- frio extremo


Mommy- Momia


dress-up- Disfrazarse

which- Bruja


hat- gorro

haunted House- casa encantada

trick or Trect- truco o trato

skeleton- Esqueleto


pumpkin- Calabaza


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