Am, are, is subject verb ing ros

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Simple past: is an accion that started and finish in the past.

Past continous: long actions incomplete in the past ( subject+ verb to be+ present part)
Past participle: It is a verb that is used in pasive voice,subject + verb to be, and ir all perfect tenses 
Gerund: it a verb + suffix ing, it a value of o noun and we can use it with subject or object. After prepositions and verb like and dislikes
must: is a modal verb and it has got three funtions * obligation*assumptions* piece of advice
Can: the verb can is a modal verb and it has got four funcionts: permission, capacity and abillity and cab be translate into ' poder' or ' saber' and possibility
Should: is a modal verb and a funtion for giving advice
Present participle:  verb + ing all continued sentences

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