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2.2. What are its aims?

Thus, the subliminal advertising aims to reach the subconscious (the part of the brain where there is an active set of desires, feelings and impulses outside of our conscious part) through techniques of production of stimuli, usually images or text displayed in advertisements very quickly, or hidden, invisible to sight ol'oïda, that is, invisible to the conscious brain (the part that realizes what happens and that It can analyze, modify, accept or reject the purpose of the exterior). The unconscious is responsible for identifying these messages and the way that leads to involuntary have the desire to buy it suggests that the spot or make it hidden so that there is that most times are sexual relations. The subliminal messages can be transmitted in audio form and once with images and texts, which in the case of television commercials or advertisements.

An example of subliminal advertising was produced by the company "Vicary" which sought to prove that subliminal advertising exists. They put an ad in the cinema where I saw people who grew picnic. The ad quickly and at a certain moment came a text saying: Hungry? Eat popcorn, and just after a sentence that said Coca-Cola drinks, and then people eating and drinking, having fun, but at no time without putting a glass of Coca-Cola or the brand advertising in this spot did not appear people eating popcorn. It was a listing of ordinary people on a picnic, but with two subliminal phrases in certain moments. The ad with these two sentences caused an increase rather high consumption of drinking Coca-Cola and popcorn in the venda. Two days later he put the same ad but without the subliminal two sentences, and the result was that people did not consume nearly as compared with subliminal ad.
Another example of ad subliminal message is Heineken, which in the end says: "Piensa en verde. Related to the product means that thinking on the green bottle of beer, but has a double meaning with subliminal message: think anything with sexual content.
3. Type of subliminal advertising
3.1. Subliminal images

With two-way and sexual content

These two pictures are the same, but seen from different viewpoints. The images are of a narrow English newspaper, which is advertised a famous brand of wine. In the first picture you can see a woman showing a glass of wine. If we give back to photography and to cut the chin of the woman can appreciate a body seemingly touching the female reproductive tract.

Together the two cans of Pepsi, one above the other, we see that forms the floor
"Sex." The design caused them to be withdrawn from the market in 1990 because consumers complained of the lack of discretion of the word in the cans, which was seen buying them when they were amuntonades with one another .

This image belongs to a poster which advertised a Gafe sun. In the part of the chin is written, shadows and mid pieces of hair, the word "sex".

It was intentional position of these two posters from France?

These photos are a lot of double meanings. Actually want to advertise a club, and it is that if you'll pass. Our imagination is capable of perceiving what the poster really wants to announce ...

Home movie "The Rifleman" with a double sense a bit obvious.

- Walt Disney movies with sexual content

In this image of Disney, the film "Roger Rabitt" just in time throws Rabitt his wife, that you see in the image, this opens the skirt trying to show your device female player.

In the movie "The rescuers" Disney at the time that mice were going to save a friend a can observe that, where there should have a window, there is a woman naked.

In the film from Walt Disney's "Lion King" can be seen as a set of stars in the middle of the sky up the word "sex".

- Other types of subliminal messages

In this image you can see the logo of Coca Cola Zero, but with a subliminal message. The logo has to do with the tragic accident of the 11s. If you look only in name, is already strange: Coca Cola Zero, which has received the name of that place after the accident, Ground Zero. The drawings and symbols that are next to Coca Cola, representing the towers, where it all off are under represented in the form of tall buildings.
The horizontal line is below zero represents the plane crashing with the towers, which are destroyed right down the middle, giving the effect of falling slowly.

As if this were not enough, it seems that far from a black spot, increasing it is a hooded man dressed in black, representing, obviously, death. The person who designed this logo I wanted to make us all remember the tragic moments of the 11s.

The record of "Las Ketchup" appear in strange corners as 6 tomatoes, which are 666 in a subliminal way, the symbol that you know the devil. This message is to encourage society to believe in Satan.

* My personal opinion is that obviously there's work subliminal messages, which, though now no longer be detected as easily as before because they are prohibited by law, are new and we do not realize.
I think subliminal messages are bad, and I support that are prohibited. I do not see band that way we get publicity in the brain unconsciously, that if they really want to advertise and we buy their products, they say things clear what the product actually contains, and to stop junk so unconscious that much to put "sex" ads in practice because people do not put it in a subliminal way. If people want to keep the same sex, whether or not normally post, and I think to make them waste time and complicated work. In general I think that subliminal messages are lost time, and that the best form of unconscious affect us, but fail to handle all of us as intended.

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