Substantive subordinate clauses

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SUBSTANTIVE subordinate clause: Are those who play in the major principle the same function as a noun made into a simple sentence. RECOGNITION: · can be replaced by a noun / / · Van introduced by a subordinating nexus. / / FUNCTION OF THE SUBSTANTIVE SUBORDINADAS: substantive work as subordinates of: • Subject (the subject noun is the subject of the main) / / · CD (you can substitute the subordinate clause by a neutral pronoun) / / · CN (the subordinate clause is part of a PrepP) / / · cadjan / / · CR / / substantivized adjective subordinate clause / / Its features are: · no history and function as a noun / / · Van introduced by a relative may be: - The pronoun that preceded article defined - pronouns who / whom / how / how much / how many / few / / • The relative has two options: - The nexus subordinator introducing the adjectival subordinate clause. - The pronoun, which occupies a subordinate clause withinthe infinity: The features are:-is equivalent to a noun / /-can be accompanied by determiners, adjectives and PrepP / /-play syntactic functions of noun / / - has a dual nature: the noun and the verb form.

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