Suggest, deny,clain,admit,refuse

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+CONDICIONALS: Cond generals: 

If +Present Simpl, Present Simpl. Ej If he ask me , I always help him.
2ºCon. Real: If+Present Simple, Will/won´t +can /may(puede que)
Ej. If It rains, I will buy an umbrella.
3º Con. Hipotética: If+Past Simple, Would(Seria)/could(podria)
Ej. If he didn´t feel satired, he would come out with them
4º Con Imp: If+had+part,Would have(habia estado)/could have(podria haber estado)/might have been.
Ej. If I had stopped raining, I would have gone out.
Persona-ed. Ej. She is motivated
Cosa-ing. Ej. The class is motivating
+Make us do:
Do(Estudios y tareas de casa menos cama) Make(hacer algo nuevo)
Do: exams, dijshes, afavour, a lot of domage, your best, business, for a living, harm, researche, shopping, ironing, dusting, washing up)
Make: cake/pizza, wor/love, up your mind, the most of, trouble, sure, sense, progress, plans, money, friends, excuses, your duty, suggestion, speach.
-Gerundio: 1º verb+2º verb(ing)
v:admit, avoid, conseder, fancy, like, hate, dislike, enjoy, continue, finish, give up, imagine, keep, metion, mind, miss, practise, prefer, recommend, report, resist, risk, suggest, understand, dery, use, hep, stand, imagine, face, spend, warth.
-Infinitiv: 1º verb+2º verb(to+inf)
V: Afford, advise, agree, allow, appear, arronge, ask, attempt, beg, choose, consent, dore, decide, demand, deserve, fail, expect, hesitate, hope, invite, intend, learn, manage, mean, need, affer, prepare, pretend, plan, persuade, promise, refuse, seem, teach, tell, wait, want, wish, warn, would like.

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