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SUMMARY: The man can not be in a state in which there are obstacles that by itself can not overcome, so you need to unite their strength to that of others and agree on a social contract to preserve their liberty and property.
ANALYSIS: In this Rousseau's text tells of three states: the state of nature, the state of civilization and social progress of the contract. In the state of nature, man is good, happy, authentic, is a state in which man has no conscience or of good or evil, but in this state, as Rousseau says in the text, are obstacles that man alone can not overcome, so you need to join forces with another, so it reaches the second state, state of civilization (union) is the state in which man lives in a "modern" society, in the The relationship between state and citizens must be optimal so that you can have a fruitful and harmonious life for all. In this state there is injustice, oppression and no freedom, is an immoral state in the quand the man has become bad, selfish and greedy. But this state, has a solution, because evil does not come from man (noble savage). The solution is in the social pact, which reaches the third state, the state of social contract. In this state the man relinquishes part of his individual rights, in exchange for security. In this state, is the myth of the "new man", which seeks an individual freedom, and the characteristics of a relationship in civil society. Here man renounces the individual will lose the rights and the state of nature. This social pact, achieved: a moral body, social justice, freedom and individuality civil citizen. For Rousseau, man needs a pedagogical both theoretically and practically, to enter into a new society. It relies, therefore, to education, this is necessary for two reasons - the reason, without feelings or passions is sterile and academic. The feelings and passions, not reason, are a mess. Respect the religion, respects individual form for each to follow his inner light, there are two dimensions: - Of man, particular dimension, believes in God and the immortality of the soul. - From citizen social dimension, is based on sociality and social contract laws and tolerate the religions that are tolerant of others.

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