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Pedro Crespo: It is an old farmer who is appointed mayor of Zalamea, has a son John and daughter Elizabeth. His character is dynamic, contradictory, highly complex and continually changing as the action develops, owns a high sense of social honor and believed that natural law has to take a position inferior to that of the nobles. It is one of the greatest characters created our Golden Age drama Almost all the other characters exist only as him, which does not mean they do not possess a degree of autonomy and individuality. But its main function is the light, sometimes by way of contrast, aspects of the complicated and enigmatic character of the protagonist. They exist to enable this almost monolithic character at the beginning of the play that character becomes mythical, contradictory, multidimensional, whose house, according to local tradition, still preserved in Zalamea de la Serena.
Elizabeth: The character is not Isable psicoloógica great depth. Neither emerges as a tragic figure: his tragedy is so undeserved compassion can only produce the audience, not the horror and admiration that serve to produce the true tragic effect. It is their suffering, not contemplate the unfairness of the universe or society, if not the wickedness of man. Isabel is a victim, not a tragic figure. It is the only daughter of Pedro Crespo, appears very little in the first round only twice, and both spurn the advances of a suitor. In a contempt Don Mendo, and in another to Captain. Isabel's case is taken very seriously its role as protector of the helpless lady. On the second day appear again as the dutiful daughter of Crespo and as a gracious hostess and attentive in offering to serve dinner at Don Lope.
John:It has such a high sense of social honor as his father (Pedro Crespo), but it seems to share his view that the peasant, by natural law, has to have an inferior position to that of the nobles. So cunning and proud as Crespo, Juan is missing, however, prudence and dissimulation of her father. With the character of John, Calderon has created a Pedro Crespo immature. John can be considered as a stage in the psychological and moral development of Pedro Crespo. Perhaps in youth and Crespo was well needed, like John to be protected from himself. He sees a clear envy the captain on the first day.
Don Mendo: It is the only noble character of Zalamea is simply a parody of a gentleman, with famous literary antecedents. Represents a third level of the concept of honor based on the genealogy of the individual. Don Mendo is comparable to Don Quixote who was compared by his odd figure, Don Mendo about living in a fantasy past in which villains as Isabthe surrender to gentlemen like him to be then left in a convent when the gentleman has enough of them. Don Mendo's fantasy becomes, however, in reality Captain: Isabel will end his life in a convent. Your use of clichés and hackneyed cliches of courtly love was clearly presented as imitator of Don Quixote. Grotesque and comic, Don Mendo disappears in the middle of the work of the second day, when things start to take a serious mood.

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