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Students explain in writing how the play raises the issue of "honor comes to us the human drama of a man who according to the time code must kill his daughter if he had been abducted and raped? How do you solve Pedro Crespo?. The three best in class work may be exposed, giving rise to discussions.
This work raises (indirectly) the two views in which someone may or may not honor social class or acts that people perform.
Pedro Crespo's honor is tarnished and his family when his daughter is raped. He decides to fix it in a smart way: try to convince the general to marry his daughter. This does not agree and, taking his position as mayor, the general death sentence. This decision will ultimately be welcomed by the king, so Crespo just cleaning the family's honor.
Each student will explain what aspect has been of interest or moved over the work of Calderon. Does it contain any interesting message for the viewer?
Undoubtedly, the most moving part of the play is the scene in which Pedro Crespo calls his daughter and forgive this. Demonstrates its progressive character and understanding, thus demonstrating their love and respect for her.
King Philip II, Don Lope de Figueroa, Don Alvaro de Ataide, (Captain, a Sergeant, The Spark, Rebolledo, (soldier), Pedro Crespo, (farmer), (old), John, (son of Pedro Crespo) Elizabeth, (daughter of the same, Agnes (Elizabeth's cousin), Don Mendo, (gentleman) Nuno (his servant) Soldiers, A drum, Thieves, Accompaniment
Central Idea
The daughter of Pedro Crespo, honest and wealthy citizen of Zalamea, is outraged by a master of tercioque accompanied King Philip II who addresses himself crowned as king of Portugal.
The subject is a man named Crespo who is appointed mayor of Zalamea and as such they turn on the offender of his daughter, who asked to repair the wrong by marrying her.
Relation of title to the work
Pedro Crespo was appointed mayor of a town called Zalamea and main character of the work. Hence the name of the title The Mayor of Zalamea.
Structure of the work
The structure of the work consists of three days the first time in eighteen scenes, day two twenty six scenes and the third time in eighteen scenes and is based on dialogues and various asides.
Time and environment
The work is of ancient times in the sixteenth century near the time of Philip II, which was all calm and honor God above all things and when the armies abounded.
Level and type of language
Well, listen before speaking.
See that wicked rigor
For what we
Colloquial language
... A thief, a hen and a wretched
Flee thee,
Learned language
Passing attempts,
General language I commend my brother
What prevails in the work of: decryption, Narration or Dialogue? sample.
Dominates the dialogue.
Both Agnes makes sense;
To live so afflicted,
It is live, kill it.
Living the skies!
What gender it work? Belongs to the drama because it mixes comedy with tragedy. Conclusion In this work I learned the culture, problems and trajedias passing at the time also acted as senior people or a lot of power and who lived in a wild back then.Commentary The story is simple and of frequent occurrence in the Spanish drama of the day
I think the play has some pretty good ideas but very old and the honor and the honor. The use of Castilian verse both ancient and subtracts understanding. Personally I prefer more modern works.

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