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The play narrates the drama lived in the town of Extremadura de Zalamea de la Serena to pass the Spanish troops during the war with Portugal. Captain Don Alvaro de Ataide, noble character is staying at the home of wealthy local farmer, Pedro Crespo, whose beautiful daughter Elizabeth steals and abuses. When Pedro Crespo seeks to remedy the situation, provides the goods to Don Alvaro to marry Isabel, which was rejected for being villainous Don Alvaro, ie lower class affront Seen definitely the honor of the family of Pedro Crespo. In the middle of family trauma, is elected Mayor of Zalamea and following a complaint issued to justice for the wronged Isabella, even without having jurisdiction over the military, Pedro Crespo prende, judge and execute make Don Alvaro giving club. The plot is resolved when King Philip II, review the Mayor's decision, ratifies and rewards their decision appointing Pedro Crespo perpetual mayor of Zalamea.

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