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Jordi Sierra i Fabra: "The memory of loved Lost." Editorial SM, wide.

Sierra I Fabra, Jordi (1947), Spanish writer, rock historian and author of children's literature. Born in Barcelona and studied Surveyors, a profession he began to exercise during the day while writing at night and part of Big Music Radio Madrid. Starting in 1970 went on to lead the seminar Disco Express. In 1972 he published History of pop music, and in 1982 the six-volume dictionary of rock music history, which first appeared in installments and which has been released in many countries also Case has written about The Beatles, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Miguel Rios and many others. He regularly contributes to almost all pop and rock music magazines since the late 1970s his dedication to music has been reduced to being an advisor to the Super Pop magazine, which does not mean you have stopped writing about this genre, more quite the contrary.

His dedication to children's literature was initiated steadily since his first book, The Deer Hunter (1981), won the Wide Angle, and second, in a place called Earth (1983), returned to get the same award.

With over one hundred published works, both in Castilian and Catalan, Sierra i Fabra is characterized by a script full of fantasy in the real world, concrete and even very hard, but there is always room for hope. Others of his books are: The Last Summer (1987), The amazing expedition (1988), The great ship (1989), The Ballad of the century (1989), Kaopí (1990), will never be rock stars (1994) and The child living in the Stars (1996).


It all begins when Estela brings her boyfriend to dinner and introduced him to his parents. Estela and Michael are very much in love and she tells her friend Fina. Estela help in an NGO called Action Direct Aid where he spent most of his spare time and spare one of those was when it happened a second time, saw the lady wearing the same clothes he saw in front of the faculty . He went home and from your room to see her again, it was like he was following. Estela was afraid. Estela and her family never spoke of his past only knew that she was born in Argentina and soon came to Spain for his father's work.

Estela was to have a drink with her best friend and she decided to go and left her friend in the cafeteria, there was this mysterious woman and told her he wanted to talk to her about Argentina. They went to a cafe to talk about her and the mysterious lady began to tell the true story of his life. He told her that her real parents were abducted by soldiers breaking into his house shot and taken to a prison where they were tortured and his father and uncle killed, and shortly after his birth his mother was tortured and murdered, and she'll take one man who happened to be Armando Lavalle, his supposed father. Estela did not believe him and went home and started thinking about everything and when people told him that was unlike any of her family but she still did not want to believe. Then went to seek help and information about everything he had told the lady to his friend, Modesto Sanjuán. This was going to get all the information he could, especially what happened in Argentina over the year of his birth. With this information and when he went to see her grandmother and told her that his father was a soldier and a letter that reached him of the mysterious lady who really was her aunt and also sought to things in the room of their parents, this all began to believe in truth and went to talk to her aunt.Estela thought the truth was all true, could not go against the reality and spoke with his mother and his mother tried excuses because she was infertile and he wanted children and told her he loved her, and also spoke with his father told him this he killed his mother who was only following orders and told her he loved her. But wake he left home to live with her boyfriend.

Principal: Estela, Ana Cecilia Mariani, Armando Lavalle Pear Puigbó.

Children: Michael, Alexandra, Fina, Modesto Sanjuán.

The space is concrete because it happens in Barcelona, though it appears Argentina. It is also open because the characters are moved to various locations around Barcelona.

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