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Author Biographies

N arradora and Venezuelan poet, born in Caracas. Antonia Palacios has excelled in Venezuelan fiction by cultivating artistic prose, in literature written by women, more linked to social issues. His novel, Ana Isabel, a decent girl (1949), is a remembrance of the happy childhood of the protagonist, who recovers his memory certain areas of downtown Caracas. In 1954 he published Chronicles of hours. After a long silence of several years began with The Island (1964), a cycle of stories in which conducted a raid in the evolution of poetic consciousness. His prose is elegant in its direct heir of the message of Teresa de la Parra. It has also left its mark on the culture of the prose poem to the book Texts of Eviction (1973), which moves in the line initiated by José Antonio Ramos Sucre. She also is the volume of essaysParis and three memories (1944) and of the history of Journey to frailejón (1955). He received the National Prize for literature and to secure the long day (1975).

Conflicts in the work

The novel is more than all that she could not understand because there were so many poor people because sometimes her mom told her not to be indecent municipality, people, more than all these questions were the narrative of the novel because they each time wondering and remembering things about these questions, in the end the girl gets older graduates and is shaped like a decent girl.

Climax of the play

Ana Isabel gets sick and is taken to the hospital, she was cured, but during his illness received the full support of his family that at once brought several memories and this strengthened the love of his family. This novel very clearly in most of its development are questions that Ana Isabel is not wise and that I was curious to know.

Outcome of the work

Ana Isabel always kept in the square playing as well when it rained he began to peeling walls of houses. And when they were 6 in the evening the woman who lived with her because her mother had died was called to get involved, but she did not notice him and ran to a hiding tenia.Esta girl who was poor, one of the events happened was when the girl wanted to make his first communion, but his family did not have financial resources to buy the dress full of sadness that the child is done yet.

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