Surrealist Poetry and generation 27

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Surrealist Poetry in Spain. The Generation of '27.
Artistic avant-garde movements are proposals before breaking violently with different gear original offer, which leads to their ultimate ends sought artistic freedom x earlier movements. Auge 1st World War (q xq bankruptcy European values are anti-realist aesthetic revolution unsentimental). _ Concept d new: search originality unexpected surprise against conventional and traditional combat burgues_.Vanguardias are in clear opposition before. It creates new sensitivity, new ways to govern it. Influence of Cubism Dada Surrealism. _ Birth and rise Vanguard (8-25): first appears 1908 (Serna). 18 appear Ultraism and creationism cn recreational and vital Dadaist tone images and speed futuristic fascination. Guillermo Vicente Huidobro tower Serna. _ Surrealism and rehumanization(26-36): influence rehumanization surreal start, pick up distress emotions rebellion. 30 lapses new literary avant-garde influence against social or political issue.
Presence Surrealism and Spain:
Radical change in concept art and the artist's work. D vanguard trends converge: components became Cubist Dadaist surrealism. Andre Breton and Soupault 19, first surrealist work (shampoo Magnetiques), 24 (Surrealist Manifesto). It will be total liberation movement d man (release impulses Curbing and break social barriers), to discover in depth d surrealist man, free + deep longings expressed themselves freely. _Ella man creative power is liberation, freedom, imagination against logic, various techniques (automatic writing, collage, dreams transcription d). _poema reason surreal mix things separate. No fire _lenguaje us subconscious feelings or reactions, the reader receives impacts dark moods and emotions arise. k + _movimiento influenced development 27. work d Juan Larrea (surrealism + pure) and Jose Maria Hinojosa penetration d essential for this in Spain. _ Rarely automatic writing, creative intention organizes texts. Imaginative freedom formal rules of language breakdown in pictures without meaning logical associations convey feelings and experiences.
Poetico Group 27:
Common features: similar ages, grancultura literary and intellectual curiosity. Family comfort-engaging poetry. No politics supported liberal attitudes republic. Friendship between them, personal relationships of students in residence. Attended by 27 3 centenary death comes Gongora dnd aesthetic manifesto, collaborated same magazines, teachers Juan Ramos Jimenez Ortega y Gasset. _home linking poetry with his previous achievements and contemporary poets (sistesis of tradition and avant-garde) central feature. _junta traditional and innovative worship and popular taste x interest x hispanica and European literature. Garcilaso, Fray Luis Manrique studied St. John Quevedo and Gongora Lope, also Gil Vicente. _interes x Becquer ruben dario Juan Ramón Jiménez. Vangurdias takes the original novelty, humorous break wit d game. features publications _primeras Dadaists and Futurists x Ultraism and creationism. _tendencias aesthetic avant classicism are pure poetry Gongorism neoromanticism poetry neopopularismo social surrealism.Career: initial stage to 27: ideal pure poetry and avant-garde influence Juan ramon. Poetry as an expression of beauty, intelligence product that coexists with poetry dehumanized neopopulism. _28-Civil war rehumanization d lyric. Magazine Neruda poetry d exponent Humanized Aleixandre, was published manifesto for purity d poetry without express human anguish and rebellion poet environment problems. Abandon design aesthetic and dehumanized art Juan ramon ortega. Social Poetry boom in 2 republic and civil war. Surrealist influence in Alberti (in los angeles) Aleixandre (the destruction or love) cernuda (a river, a love) lorca (Poet in New York). _tras civil war: murder most lorca exile, broken friendship group created works remained important to the exiles, the subject of Aleixandre exilio.damaso alonso and internal exile. Subjects and methods: The city of man (symbolized happy future progress achieved something is produced temporarily negative sentences man), nature and love (everyday world, objects d environ cityscapenot immediate. Anti-Romantic Love, love has 4 walls, human nature wins), irrelevant (art as play, opening naive fascination of technology in world literature and correlated modrno), commitment (life, time, art and humanities, social and political). _lenguaje poetic, poetic concern x expression. Using metaphor and renovation image metric (avant-garde poetic metaphor creation axis). Traditional metaphor visionary image is only perceived x via emotional. In conceptual aparecemetafora pure poetry. Renewal metric: traditional structures learned traditional and new, free verse (verse, verse, free verse long and short).

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