Where may you use a surveillance approach?

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The Feminist approach: feminists are also critical Of the family. They accept that biological differences exist between woman and Men. Many differences are actually created by society. The family contributes To the creation of these differences through primary socialization problems. Young children learn how they are expected to behave not only as individual People, but as male and females. Feminists argue that families are patriarchal, Based on male power and dominance over woman. Domestic violence within families: some approaches highlight the Appearent increase in violence within the home in order to show that families Are not necessarily havens for their members. How have relationships within families changed over time? Sociologists Touch upon issues of gender and age divisions within families. The role of Relationships has changed over the last years, role relationships today may Vary according to social class and ethnicity. Changes in the domestic division of labour: some sociologist argue That one important change within families in that of the move towards greater Gender equality. It has been suggested that the domestic division of labour is More equal today as men are now more involved in housework. Before the conjugal Roles were segregated and unequal. Before families were male dominated. The symmetrical family:  was on in which Gender role segregation did still exist, b home. Relation now more democratic And equal. Husband more likely to help with housework and childcare and the Family was home-centered. How do we Explain the movement to symmetry? Social changes that help to explain the Changes: the rise in feminism had an impact on role relation. More effective Forms of contraception, families can now be panned, many woman are financially Independent. There has been an increased interest in home life. As a result of Male unemployment, many husbands have become more involved in domestic tasks.

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