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SYMBOLIC AND SOCIAL BODY: Traditionally, in anthropology, the body appeared to be the universal basic component of human beings who lived partir.Todos a body characteristic of our species, common to us all in its main features was the undisputed and universal basis the rationale justifying the universal validity of biomedicina.La way of conceiving and using the body in different cultures can be seen as a first step in advancing this view compenentes symbolic revisionista.Además the revolutionary techniques, directly influence the organization of their own identity. / / Life is full of symbols and symbolism, not least because it is for humans are the only animal able to create and interpret simbolos.Cualquier thing can be represented by a symbol as even in our everyday language we use lots of metaphors and symbols where we use elements of our body to express feelings or actitudes.De fact, the oldest, deepest and most universal of all symbols is the body, eg " the body of Christ "as used in all Christian celebrations, but also the symbolism involving body parts eg head," airhead "(person with little sense)," iron head "(someone stubborn)," head the group "(leader)," losing his head (losing my mind or trial) .. and so many more expressions referring to other members as "being the darling right" (being the favorite), "is the heart of the city "(city center)," stand with the left foot "(start a bad day)," I know like the back of my hand "(knowing well a place or person) and so on. / / The Anthropology to Through the study of cultural diversity, has been showing considerable difficulty in distinguishing clearly in mind and body culture and the mind is body, body intelligible and both are influenced by a culture that tb determinada.Todo is affected by the mechanisms using the power and economy on the body by enhancing the scientific and technical developments which affect the way utilizarlo.La conceived and anthropological significance of it, has grown up from strata. / /

- Durkheiniana tradition stressed the close relationship between body and society. Frankenberg said "human beings living in bodies understand, although I believe they live in communities that previously" therefore the question arises that is earlier: the physical body or as symbolic power of the world organization and culture? Body and society are to be understood as metaphors of each other. / / - Mary Douglas shows how the phenomenology of the body are used both in secular life as sacred events to make the dominant order of the social world appears as natural.Ejemplo of this in the sacred events are the expressions "the body of Christ" (as provided Durkheim) or "the blood of Christ 'in secular life are others as" having poor hand "(lack of ability)," hobble the same foot "(have the same defect as another person)," being idle "(do nothing)," poor body "(feel bad )..//- Bordieau pitched the idea of "habitus", ie, stresses the idea of the many things we do with the body without noticing cuenta.Para him, the body emerges with an embodiment of culture, social order is in the foreground and played in the individual bodies that are compatible with it. / / - Foucault speaks of the control mechanisms of the body through hospitals, prisons, institutions totaled which body movements in space and time are carefully regulated.The body of knowledge translates into power over the body, what he calls biopower. / / All these arguments lead to understand that the surface of the body becomes, in human societies, a border of a special and peculiar complexity. The ornament is a cultural environment, perhaps the most specialized in training and communication of personal identity and social.El body is molded by social forces or is expressive of the same, the physical body appears in this world of symbols such as a microwave society. / / There are many cultures that conceive of society as a cuerpo.Tenemos the need to understand the body as a concrete embodied in symbolic forms, different in different culturas.Los smallest gestures and the circumstances that people take for granted are infused in a cultural and historical significance.

Within the body existential care is suffering when we grasp more clearly the weight d ela distinctive culture. According to Singer and Baer "The suffering is far from an isolated individual experience. Much of the suffering of the world is closely related to changes in the global economic system. Klinman suffering said that the term refers only to a experinecia individual, social suffering, ie to the immediate experience of the largest personal human problems caused by the cruel exercise of political and economic power. / / For example, the anthropologist Robert Murphy spent the last years of his life with tetraplegia. When he was a disabled person became hypersensitive to social position and social treatment to people who were in their situation or similar. It was also checking that people sometimes eluded him, avoiding looking at him directamente.En summary, suffered not a disease of the body, but a disease of self and social relations. / / Another example is the case in other small island of Martha 's Vineyard, northwest of EEUU.Allí, certain genetic conditions and high altitude inbred, produced a percentage of deaf elvado within the vecindad.Con this, almost every family had within it one or more affected by deafness and Most people, by way of resistance, they became familiar with the language of the deaf signos.Así felt marginalized and could participate with greater ease in the social life of their villages. Tb This served to launch the idea of whether the presence of interpreters in many activities and media. / / There are many others suffering affecting the body such as hunger, family or work problems, etc. and simply deal with them and not collapse despite the suffering, is a sign of resistance superarlos.En only way to get any man's experience if your body is always important connotations sociales.El pain and suffering are being streamlined and in some respects, turned social instruments. They are instruments that influences the nature and puts them citizenship.

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