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Globalisation has extended the culture and way of life, the USA and some european countries to the rest of the world.
The world today can be divided into two main parts: central areas and peripherial areas.
Global cities (New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt) are the main decision-making centres the multinational companies, large banks and important international organisations.


Use the following arguments:
- Globalisation promotes the exchange of goods, services, capital and people.
- This process benefits all countries and individuals.
- Globalisation and bring people, countries and cultures closer together.
- Globalisation leads to greater cooperation
- The transmission of data enriches the lives of individuals.


Made up of various social groups and non-governmental organisations. Organise protests that coincide with the meetings of international bodies that promote globalisation.
Use the following arguments:
- Globalisation imposes a capitalist economic model.
- Decisions affecting national economies are made by international organisations, multinational companies or supranational institutions.
- The most powerful countries impose their language, culture and customs on weaker countries.


People often use the term North to refer to the industrialished world, and South to refer to underdeveloped countries (also known as the Third World).
The following indicators are used:
- GDP per capita: in developed countries, it is over 10.000 dollars.
- Literacy rate.

UN uses the Human Development Index (HDI), which includes economic data, health and education, such as the following:
- Life expectancy at birth
- Years of schooling.

- Have a high GDP and a high standard of living.
-Their economy is based on the tertiary sector. Most people live in urban areas. 
- Have their own technology. 
- Population ageing. Life expectancy is high.
- Literacy rate is high.
- There are enough public services.
- Have a democratic political system.

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