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Camcorder, cordless phone, desktop computer, digital cmaera, DVD player games console, handheld games console, hi-fi, laptop computer, netbook, mobile phone, remote control, widescreen television

Base unit, monitor, printer, router, scanner, speakers

Home applicances
microwave, mobile phone, stereo, video recorder,  cooker, fridge, cassette palyer, freezer, hairdryer, washing machine, radio, Tv


fax machine, CD-Rom, disc, printer, smart card, screen, 

Vocabulary black history

African-American-> Black american of African descent, 
Slaves-> People who are owend and forced to work by someone else
Discrimination->Unfair trameter of a person or grup on the basis of prejudice

prejudice an opinion or strong feeling formed without careful thought or 
civil rights human rights
justice the administration of law
integration.-> the inclusion of people of all races on an equal basis into society
equality ->having the same conditions and opportunities as everyone else
diversity-> different people/culture
 apartheid->the separation of black and white people in South Africa
segregation ->The division of a place, thing, or service along racial lines
boycott ->To stop using a product or patronizing a business in order to Protest or to apply pressure so that the business will change its policies

Agent:-> a person who helped the escaping Slave fi nd the railroad. Station:->a hiding place, often a home Or church 
Conductor: ->a person who guided the Escaping slaves to the next stop. Station Master->: a person who hid Escaping slaves in his home
1619 First African slaves arrive in Jamestown on the Dutch ship White Lion
1776 Declaration of Independence  
1787 Slavery is made illegal in the Northwest Territory but not in the Constitution (the demand in slaves grow for the cotton industry in the south)
1808 United States bans importation of slaves 
1820 The Missouri Compromise bans slavery north of the southern boundary of Missouri (the abolitionist movement grows all over the country)  
1849 Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery and becomes one of the most effective leader of the underground railroad  
1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is published 
1861 The confederacy is founded when the deep South secedes. The Civil War begins against the Union
1863 President Lincoln issues The Emancipation Act, a proclamation declaring that “all persons held as slaves within the confederate state are and henceforward shall be free”.
1865  The Civil War ends and the 13th Amendment prohibits slavery in the United States 

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