Tactic Cards To Play

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Tactic Cards To Play

Clear and Hold: Only card That can be played outside of your turn; Play when your opponent draws on their turn, And you then draw as well.

Coercion: Take hold of an Opponent’s warrior.

Countervalue: Choose an Opponent’s card and shuffle it back into the deck.

Deception: A warrior card You pick up can be placed face down in any placement you choose.

Heavy Force: Choose a Warrior class and take the same number of warriors in that set out of the number of Warriors your opponent has in total.

Shock and Awe: Draw 2 More cards.

Fabian Strategy: Choose a Card to discard from your opponent’s hand.

Battle of Annihilation: Winning card once you have all 6 warriors; if against multiple players, card is used to Knock out a player, at the price of 1 of each of the 6 warriors are shuffled back into the Deck.

Elastic Defense: Only Card to defend against “Battle of Annihilation”. That player must shuffle one of each of their Warriors back into the deck.

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