The last tea summary

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Take it with a pinch of salt (coger con pinzas) Put all your eggs in one basket (jugárselo todo a una cosa) Have her cake and eat it (tener todo a la vez) Bit off more than you can chew (quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta) Not my cup of tea (no es lo mío) A couch potato (TV) Selling like hot cakes (vender como churros) A piece of cake (pan comido) Food for thought (comida para pensar) Go bald (calvo) Go broke (arruinarse) Go mad (loco) Have a go at (intentar) Be on the go (estar activo) Go from bad to worse (de mal en peor) Fortnight-two weeks Trousers-pant Chemist´s-Drugstore Chips-Frenh fries Handbag-purse Garden-yard Pavement-sidewalk Biscuit-cookie Holiday-vacation Petrol-gas Lorry-truck Autumn-fall Torch-flashlight Sweets-candies 

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