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2_Ann. Intern. Med.


4_a summary of an article

5_controlled clinical trial      

6 __Background_______________

7_control of hyperglycemia in diabetic patients by nurses will be more optimal than usual control

8 _about 69 diabetic patients in each group randomly distributed

9:to monitor the diabetic patients very closely by following protocols about their state in collaboration with the physician

10.   e) both (b) and (c)

11.__T____ Not all patients completed the study.

12. __F___  There was a greater decrease in fasting glucose levels in the usual care group than

       in the experimental group.

13. __F___  In general, patients in the usual care group felt much better than patients in the

       nurse case management group.

14. sugar,hemoglobin f) health status

15. their hypothesis could be confirmed because nurse case managers proved to improve glycemic control in the diabetic patients studied

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