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axonometric: part of geometry that studies the system of representation of spatial figures in a plane, using projections obtained along three axes.
project: draw straight lines from every point of
a solid or a figure, according to certain rules, until it finds a generally flat surface.
hexahedron: solid bounded by 6 faces.
orthogonal: perpendicular to a plane of projection (ortho = straight
gonal = angle).
perspective: the art or theory of drawing three-dimensional objects on a surface tridimansional to recreate the depth and relative position of objects.
parallel projections: This type of drawing are simple graphic representations, obtained by projecting the object to represent from an infinitely distant point on a plane pyoyeccion.
isometric perspective: is the orthogonal axonometric plane in which the projection forms three equal angles with the three coordinate axes x, y, z.
Dimetra perspective: This perspective is used when a view of the object to represent is of paramount importance.
rudder angle indicator oblique in this kind of perspective projection plane is parallel to a coordinate plane and the front of the object is projected to represent the same scale.
special cavalier perspective (Cavalier): In this type of axonometric oblique projection plane is usually vertical and the projection of the third coordinate axis has an inclination of 45 ° to the orthogonal axes remaining projects.
cavalier perspective (cabinet): similar to special caballera, unlike in the third axis reduces the scale projected by a factor of 2. This allows the drawing has a better proportion.

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