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El Día que Sueñes con Flores Salvajes (The Day You Dream of Wild Flowers)

El Día que Sueñes con Flores Salvajes by Paola Calasanz (Roca Editorial, 2017) is a romantic novel that tells the story of Flor, a successful Spanish photographer who lives in New York with her boyfriend, Roy. She has a very hectic social life and she works endlessly to be able to afford her luxury goods. Besides, her boyfriend is getting more and more involved in his work and is usually very absent. Things seem to be going from bad to worse in Flor’s life until she receives a phone call. Her life changes completely the day a fan of her job asks her to take pictures of her wedding. After thinking it twice, she decides to accept the job and embarks on a journey to Tennessee in which she will change her perspective of the world. It is during this trip that she meets Jake, a very special Southern man that crosses paths with her. Together they will live a passionate romance, a process of personal growth and a moment of inflection that will make both of them have to make the most important decision of their lives.

El Día que Sueñes con Flores Salvajes it’s a deep novel that makes you empathise with the main characters. The protagonists are well constructed and each one has a defined personality. I loved to know their completely different stories and I loved the fact that both Flor and Jake made that special connection between them. On the other hand, the secondary characters are very varied and they bring that fresh touch to the novel, because they are also endearing. It is worth noting, Flor's grandmother who has a story of her own that little by little is revealed, what I really liked. She is a very interesting woman with a lot of willpower and always trying to help her granddaughter.

Paola Calasanz deals with a lot of current issues, this is the reason why this novel makes you feel as if you were part of the story. For instance, it expresses the stress that often social media cause to young people and it shows the reality behind the superficial life of celebrities. However, the most important theme is veganism and respect for animals and nature, especially through Jake’s character. He made me learn a lot of things that I did not know about the subject and, above all, the story made me reflect and rethink whether society is taking the right way.

There are several twists in the plot, some predictable but most of them quite surprising. This feature makes the reader be absolutely immerse in the story. The end seemed perfect to me although I lacked some pages to close this beautiful story completely. It made me feel so much sadness and happiness at the same time, which is priceless.

In conclusion, El Día que Sueñes con Flores Salvajes is a touching story that made me feel very excited and made me realise that our lives cannot be based on how we show ourselves on social media. This novel also connected me with nature in a unique way, because as the author states “there are keys to know who we really are” and “the day we dream of wild flowers we will begin to see life in a different way.”

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