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ELECTRICAL SIGNALS:Neurons work with one antoher to establish connections"synapses" which allow the nerv impulse to pasar(ocurre en las dendrites). No hay contact entre neu xq siempre hay una small gap betw "synaptic cleft". There are very small vesicles at he axon(son como bolsas) where is a substance"neurotransmitters". (Otro punto)  2 tipos d neutral pathways: "Divergent"(trans el ner imp d 1 neu a varias neu diff).  "Convergent"(tran el ner imp d varias neu a una sola)
THE BRAIN:located in the skull.4sections: cerebellum,brain stem,spinal bulb and brain.    Cerebellum:in the back of the brain.Made up of grey matt on the outside and wh matt on the ins.It receives the info for balance and info that the inner ear sens.Tamb coordinates motor impulses sent by the brain.Act con musc    Brain stem:it's betw the spinal bulb and the brain,below the thalamus.Regulates sleep,visual and auditory reflexes,blood pressure and comm betw the parts of the brain.   Spinal bulb:makes up the extension of the medulla.Areas d grey matt rodeadas d wh mattwh and grey matt.  The cerebrum:largest part of the brain.Wh and grey matt.The grey matt forms the cerebral cortex that has many ridges q son(intergyrals and fissures).Una fiss divide el cerebrum en 2 hemispheres that are connected by the corpus callosum(wh matt). The left hem:logic and analytical thinking and right:intuition and creativity.Remaining fissures:definen areas del cerebral cortex llamadas lobes

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