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This is a Romanesque Building. The chronology Is in the 11 century in Santiago

The plan of Santiago is made up by: façade principal gate an 2 towers. The portal knows as portal De la Gloria is located here

Long arm divided Into 3 naves, divided in columns . Pollars and rounded arches. The central nave Is larger and wider than laterals

Transept Divided into 3 naves. In cente we can find the crossing .Ober the crossing the Dome is located and behind the dome eis the altar

Apse Located facing fast . Semi-circular shape around it we can find the ambulatory And radiating chapels

Belong the Romanesque, Chronology 11-12 cent. Located in western Europe. Appeared in France and Italy . The material is the stone. Most common buildings were, churches, cathedral and Monasteries, the decoration reliefs , semi-circular, curved tympanum and painting relief  and paintings. Latin cross plan. The Light scarce because are little windows. Supporting elements, columns, pillar, buttress. The supported elements are stone roofs and barrel vaults. Walls with buttress

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