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Retailing (venta al por menor) wholesaling (venta al por mayor) Retailing is the provision of goods or services to the customer. Retailers buy goods directly from the manufacturer or from a wholesaler (the middleman) and make their income (ingresos) from the margin, or difference between the price they pay for the goods and the price they sell the goods at to the consumer. A retail outlet is the place where customers can purchase (adquirir) goods, for example a supermarket or a department store. Nowadays, many customers are shopping from home: shopping by the internet, TV shopping channels or mail-order catalogues is becoming very popular. Supermarket ( a large self-service shop selling food and drink and also small household items) Hypermarket (a very large supermarket often located on the edge of a town or city) Shopping centre/Mall (a covered area with shops, supermarkets and restaurants) Department store (a large shop with many departments or sections, each department sell a different type of goods) Specialist retailer (a shop which only sells one type of product, usually of high quality) Chain store (one of a group of shops owned by the same company) Internet shopping protection needed The internet offers huge (enorme) benefits to the consumers, not only as a source of information and entertainment, but as new way of shopping for goods and services. There´s obvious appeal (atractivo) in being able to order a book, or take out the insurance policy at time of a day form your computer. But internet shopping has its problems too. We take the consumer protection for granted when we buy from a shop, over the phone or by mail order, but it´s often difficult to aplly the same protection to shopping on the internet.

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