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pret pret.perf.com imp pret.pluscuamp pret.perf.sim pret.anterior

I sang songs he had sung sang I had sung

you sang sang sang songs he had sung hubiste

sang sang songs he had sung were sung

We had sung sing sang sung sung hunimos

ye ye sing sing sing sing sing hubisteis

have sung sang have sung had sung cntaron


perf imp fut fut cond cond.com sim im pret pret perrf

sing sing sing I shall have sung has cntdo antara / sing

there would have sung you sing sing Can you sing / cantases

will sing sing sing sing would have been cntdo / sing

would you sing we sing we cannot sing / aseis

habréis will sing you sing you have you would have sung cantaríais / singing

will sing sing sing sing would have / sing

prt.pluscuamperfectoimperative perf imp fut fut

have / had been CNTD cantare CNTD

hubieras / hubieses hubieres songs you sing

have / had been sang it cantare

we / us iesemos sing sing hubiéremos

hubierais / hubieses sing you will sing hubiereis

have / had them sing sing hubieren

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