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Analysis of the work
Before beginning the analysis, it is important to know that Garcia Marquez serves as a starting point and this results in the well-known Magic Realism. The novel begins with the end: saying that Santiago Nasar is already dead by the vengeance of the Vicario brothers. The story just at the time that James dies. An interesting aspect of the work is the impossibility of knowing the truth, we never clear if Santiago is guilty or not and no way to prevent his death.
· Language
The vocabulary is simple and at times extremely crude oil. Very descriptive, allowing viewing history. The author's attitude to their work is unrealistic. It tells things as they happened without making excuses for anyone and with impartiality.
· Narrator
The narrator is third person, tells the story of how omniscient witness to certain facts, has the role of researcher to reconstruct the history through reports, letters, testimonies diverse memory.
Literary · Resources
He uses lots of flashbacks to form a kind of puzzle. Also uses the dialogue. There are shades of irony, etc.
· Atmosphere
+ Physical:
The book does not specify the place or date on which the book takes place but can be inferred to be in Colombia in a relatively small town.
+ Emotional
Predominant tension and mystery.
· Time history
The work is carried out within 24 hours: from Sunday's wedding of the crime until Monday.
· Values and anti of the work
ValoresAntivalores Compassion When Santiago Nasar Guzman tells Victoria that is not as cruel as she rips the guts of a rabbit and throws to the dogs of the Living will say.
The brothers want to kill Santiago Vicario for soiling the family's honor. Solidaridad When all the neighbors will tell Santiago about the intentions of the Vicar. Shame When Angela says she wishes God would have the courage to kill himself because of I felt shame for what happened. Argument Chronicle of a Death Foretold
The play begins when a man named Bayardo San Román, handsome and wealthy arrives in search of a bride. Go to Angela Vicario, and decides to marry her. Gradually the whole family earns, which is of humble origin, but she does not want to marry him because he had been with another man in secret.
The wedding couple is done, the whole village is invited to this great event. But the wedding night, Bayardo San Román discovers that his new wife was not a virgin and decides to return to the mother, which is a great shame for everyone.
The mother, upon learning what had happened, he beats up Angela, and when the brothers asked who was the man who had deflowered, he says, it was Santiago Nasar, but later discovered in the work he had not really been.
Vicario twins, Peter and Paul, to cover the honor of his sister and the whole family, to murder him.
The only problem is I really do not want to, so, armed with two large knives, start spreading the news of the murder of Santiago, that he was alert, or someone told him. Just wanted to have the courage to clean the stain on his family.
All the people knew they were going to kill but no one said, except his friend, Cristo Bedoya, who despite having searched the village, arrived late. He also had left a letter under the door of her house, saying even when and where they would kill him, but unfortunately did not see it.
Meanwhile, James was in the house of his fiancee, Flora Miguel, who learned of his alleged relationship with Angela Vicario and was so angry that he returned all the letters he had written when I was in school.
The Father of Flora, said he knew he would be killed and then, James, ran home, very confusing. Just before he met the Vicario brothers and ran to the front door to safety, with such bad luck that his mother, thinking that James was inside, closed it to not enter the murderers of his son.
Finally, Santiago Nasar is stabbed in the doorway of his house and in the midst of all the people, numerous times by the Vicario brothers. Once they finish, James, with their guts in my hand, entered his house and dies without knowing the reason for his murder.
Santiago Nasar: a young gay and womanizer who was accused of being with Angela Vicario without the brothers are married then this was killed. Is an Arab youth of twenty years, promised since childhood with Flora Miguel. Physical appearance was: Slender and pale, and his eyelids were Arabs and their curly hair padre.Era a very responsible man, and that because of the death of his father, he had to quit school to work on the farm family, because he was an only child. He characterized his instinct, which he inherited from his mother, Placida Linero, and inherited from his father: The domain of firearms, the love of horses and the arsenal of birds of prey high., But he also learned the good arts of valor and prudence. Lively and peaceful, and easy to heart. While still a teenager he fell in love Alexandrina Maria Cervantes: She was mad passion, her teacher in tears after 15 years, until Ibrahim Nasar took him from the bed and locked to whip over a year at El Divino Rostro.

· Plaça Linero: he was a loving mother who loved her son about the whole thing. This was serious and quiet.
Pedro and Pablo Vicario, are twin brothers age 24: Pablo Vicario was six minutes older than her brother, and was more imaginative and determined through adolescence. Vicar Peter always seemed to me more sentimental, and therefore more authoritative. Were presented together for military service at age twenty, and Pablo Vicario was excused to stay in front of the family. Those two were the murderers of Santiago Nasar. They killed to restore honor to her sister, Angel, because after being stuck by his mother, said the bruising was guilty of Santiago Nasar: Pedro Vicario, according to the declaration itself, was the one who took the decision to kill Santiago Nasar, and at first his brother did nothing to follow it. But it was he who seemed to fulfill the commitment when disarmed the mayor, and Pablo Vicario, who was then assumed command.
Angela Vicario: Angela Vicario is the wife of Bernardo San Roman, the younger sister of a family of six brothers, was the most beautiful of the four, and my mother said he was born as grandeseinas of history with the umbilical cord wrapped neck.But he had a helpless air and a poverty of spirit that augured a future incierto.Ángela Vicario married Bernardo San Román, without being in love with him, just because his family was forced. She tells us her cousin, she loved another man, at the time was getting married, however, during the following years, which had become a lonely woman, became obsessed with her husband, Bernardo, until the point that he had written a letter a week for half a lifetime, so that her husband will answer some of those letters. But as your love for Bernardo increases, so does the resentment against her mother happy.
· Pura Vicario: it was an overbearing woman, who wanted to marry her daughter to maintain family honor held high.
· Victoria Guzman was a mulatto woman who works in the kitchen of the house of James who was overprotective with her daughter and was angry.
· Divina Flor: was the daughter of Victoria Guzman, this was shy and quiet, and helped his mother's house in Santiago.
· Maria Alexandrina Cervantes was a courtesan who he loved Santiago Nasar
Bernardo San Roman was the son of General Petronio San Román and Alberta Simonds. He was a man: He had been around thirty years, but very well hidden, he had a narrow waist bullfighter, golden eyes, skin and cooked over low heat for salitre.Al seemed cousin Angela: I found attractive [. ..]. I found it more seriously than they did believe his antics, and a hidden tension barely concealed her charms pro excessive. But mostly, I found a man triste.Según said, was an engineer of trains, but this was not the reason was the people, but that the only reason was: to find a woman to get married, but his marriage to Angela it did not last long, as it restored her to her house that was not a virgin.
- The peculiar machismo.
- The importance and respect for the Catholic people.
- Typical offices of slaughterhouses that time,
- Revenge
- The power of money and people who own it.
Narrator's point of view:
García Márquez, the narrator, narrated in first person peripheral. I say this because it speaks of himself using the first individual. Is changing witnessing first person to third person omniscient. It is the first person when speaking of his experiences as a friend of Santiago Nasar, and is third person when speaking of what he have any other witnesses to the fact occurred.
I consider him omniscient because he knows everything as it is telling the story at the time that the crime, and this has already been committed for many years. He also interviewed many of the witnesses who wanted to work with him, which gets a lot of data on the events. The narrator is subjective and speaks in prose and is a character, like many others.
Personal opinion.
In my opinion, is a very original book, witty and well thought out. What takes away a little more is perhaps the fact of knowing the end from the beginning. Not that this has nothing wrong ... but always better when you're out stop at the end you get a small disappointment, as though wondering who was going to tell me that was going to happen! o. .. something.
The author misleads a bit in the jumps in time. You have to read the book very quietly so as not to lose the thread, both temporal changes and in the relationship of the characters and the names so far-fetched.
But the novel also has many other good things ... For example, the fact engage the reader in the first chapter ... it really is true.
We note, moreover, lived the case closely, as the descriptions and verse clearly shows us.
Would have to emphasize also the importance of certain moral values and feelings such as loyalty, love, revenge, purity, honor to mark the course of our behaviors and why not, in our lives. It is very important the role that society plays in our education.
And above and in conclusion, remember that while we continue to reach as good and innovative novels, never leave the reading to one side.

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