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nativistia or crioyista position in vnzuela:
Francisco Lazo Martí: Birth in 1869 dungeon

Lazo Martí, ad + d poet, was a physician, ejrció notif profsión k ls d ls puebls Yanos cntrals, St. frnando d apur port otters, chintz, l sombrro
dl priódicol lgalista founder (1892) through which supported the rvolución dl lgalista and joaquín crspo
crioya silva, crpusculars, vguera flower d Passover and comfort.
t + n exaltació dl inspiradors the countryside to the city rpudio l cm spacing and malignant contmplació n dl landscape, agriculture and flora l
silva crioya his work (1901), prompted no doubt sntimiento convrtido s litrario moving, k contributed, entr finals dl dl nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a 1-space acr yano dl vnzuela symbolic.
q aspctos formed the loop d prsnalidad marti
Award figuries to the naturalza to vnzuela but naturalza x lo k the same, l field flors ls, ls rivers, mountains ls, l cloudless sky, are continuous and 1 spíritu vrdadro xal solace. Kizas tie sto saved martí d 1 tragic ending, given its dprsión the soldier ant, the tristza, l dsamor.
the "crpusculars" the "crioya silva, and possibly published in newspapers and loose Rvista ¿k
sn ls" crpusculars? s 1 d poetrys scrit set mostly in the age x martí juvntud d her. obdcl ak "name? OBDC k muxas d sas rfiern poetrys s days as dl momnto k yamamos crpúsculo or atardcr.l momnto corrspond to sos mlancolía kl d S tates psychological exprsar kier poet. t +. divrsos.l sn s main pro sl love also based on the mujra, the rligiosa doubt, life and death, l work and dislocated.

* Origin of the writer: 28/2/1871 at Altamira. And dying of throat disease 24/8/1927
Education: graduated from doc in medical science in the uni Time in q is obvious: It was developed in the last 2 decades of the nineteenth century. Q gave impetus literary magazines: "The illustrated lame "and" Cosmopolis. "Generation of 98 trips made: Travels to Europe, the old continent. Themes q raises in his novels" Broken Idols "and" blood patricia "
Defining characteristics: a greater concern x the development of prose, q I get to produce a master like Diaz Rodriguez and very important fact "Combining nativism with internationalism. Members of our modern generation: Diaz Rodriguez, Rufino Blanco, Emilio Coll Luis M Urbaneja, Achel pohl, Peter Dominici and Cesar Zumeta. Momento historico en q writes his work and attitude towards the country: Vzla experiencing a period of transition and Diaz Rodriguez sticks to the defense of the past d sucumbre. political career and some positions: Becomes JV collaborator Gomez. He was rector of the UCV, director and fine arts institution, Minister of Foreign Affairs
R REPRESENTATIVE modernist narrative in America. It was published in 1901 in Paris.Est regarded as one of the most pessimistic novels and q's life is represented in Caracas vdxsus social, political and cultural cooperation with a defeatist attitude. * Criticism: adversely received this work, x their complaints so sarcastic and because of q "plus a Caracas" felt portrayed in its pages. Main Character: Alberto Soria, for many critics this is the UPort voice of "thought and action," the writer.

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