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1 - The language and language diversity d ls
lang = power umana trves d d palabrs communicate. is
ace d l dstint frma preferentially place (languages)
• linguistic family, language and dialect
tods ls = languages other language prcedn mdre
k procedn d lengus MSMA and mother have afinidads
frman familis linguistc. ? spañol latin so afind Fr It
Tongue: sist d d verblasen communicate and express a community

d ablants. s crctriz x tner uns nrmas ESTABLEC k rign mong use ls ys prsonas DUCATION difundn atrvs d med d pers
"Dialect: a language variant cn d regionl precise limits
conotcns dialect has no pejorative. RELACC not jerarq
2 - Variety in Europe
Indo ? Celtic: Welsh / Irish galeico
? Grmanic: English German
? Slavic: Polish Russian
? romance: cas port fr it rum cat Galician Sardinian Provencal
• multilingual bilinguisme diglossia
+ d 1 language countries
Bilinguisme equlibrdo: 2 lengs same cul imprt econ soc
Diglossia: 1 + k import other (org intern promuevn BE)
3 - Spain's Linguistic Reality
L In It recognizes 4 lengs ofic cnstit: is cat Galician eusk
dialects and Limbs. murci canar castellan dl sn evol
cn mparent Valenc cat
Asturian or Bable and dialects istorics aragones sn
• Origin and dialects lengus d ls
dl language latin roman s imp in it till arrival aul
S VIII of the Arabs. Reconkist was not so
cnjunta not appeared distints k n where Latin kingdoms
EVOLUT of frma different.
-------------------------------------------------- --------
4 - The vulgar language
is one that does not conform to standard x carelessness ox
ignorance. incorreccions s call
slang. Characterisitcs:
? Level phonic
- Commuting accent (expert-expert)
- Changes in vowels (Sigune-depending)
- D reduction in a single vowel diphthongs (sales)
- Suppression d sounds (lost-lost)
- Confusion of consonants (Aguelo-grandfather)
- Desorrollo of bog by eu (gues)
- Shifting of consonants (cocreta)
? Level Morphosyntactic
- Changes in verbal forms (cantastes)
- Incorrect verb forms in d us
- Using determinant cn names (my pepe)
- Change the genre determintns l (d this water)
- Laismo Loísmo leismo
- Alteration in order of pronouns (you have)
- Dequeismo (think that)
- D prepos misuse and conjunctions
- Tendency to conflate words (see pa'ca)
? lexical level
Arcanizantes verb forms (semos)
- Jobs particles or archaic (cuantimas)
- Confusion about the meaning of particles

1 - Variety of language use
l k factors act on language:
tiendn to his unit about the DUCATION cmo ls ls librs
meds d pers. this gives a mdel d lugger language
CMUN or standard.
others put d d mnifiest uses diversity
podems grouped as follows:
Variedads Historics: castllano EVOLUT dl through time
Var space: according to dialects and difernts area ablas ai
Social Var:
dntro d the region causes such as MSMA
varying degrees d age sex instruction habitat etc.
mansard roof to provide vertical or dialects diferents sociolects
cda prsona has its idiolect or language usr frma d
Var record: regstro = mdo d usr l language na
determnada situation. ablnte l l receptr shall choose
rgstro a function of one determndas CIRCUMSTANCES:
- Rlacion mong different receptr.es emsor and ablar
k alguin work with a family.
- Social and spatial context. different in ambito
k working in areas of leisure
- Canal written empleado.dferente k ablate
- Track and intention. different exposure cientific
that political rally
2 - The standard and diversity of standards
mong differs uses incorrects corrects and uses language the well dl ablr the NRMA is rlciona cn cnjunt d k is the employee uses x ls cults. ks lngua ajust the standard wing is called standard language.
Standard Features:
• Fixed ls uses and contributes to unit corrects language dl
• THROUGH diffuses media schools
communication and cultural institutions
• ai no single standard
"'s webcam cults has its norm. Seseo or yeismo tmbn
-palabrs or Xpresion determnads (termins tecnics)
• comunict situation det + or - respect for the NRMA
• provision provides: populr vulgar rustic place ...
3 - the educated class and the colloquial abla
? abla cultured educated people / abla place ? normlmente
* Sheet part
4 - on the other side of the chop

? the ultracorreccion
k ls avecs are passed ablntes ready make mistakes
cultured expressions trying to imitate what generates errors k
x ultracorreccion (autonomasia-par excellence)

5 - The taboos of language
ablantes reject the use of certain words
called tabu words and changed by other
socialmete calls accepted euphemisms
examples: (go to Servidio, sit on the throne)
(death, the lady in black)

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