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Direct Speech                         Reported Speech
Present simple                              Past Simple
“He is A.,” she said.                 She said he was A.
He asked, “Are you..?”           he asked me if I was...
Present Continuous               Past Continuous
  “Dan is living..” she said.  She said Dan was living .
  He said, “I’m making ..”  He told me that he was making .
Past Simple                                    Past Perfect Simple  
  “We went to..” he said.           He told me they had gone to 
  Greg said, “I didn’t go ..”         Greg said that he hadn’t gone 
  “Did you buy..?”asked.         She asked me if I had bought.
Past Continuous                  Past Perfect Continuous
  “I was working.,” shesaid.    Vicki told me she’d been working
  “w u sleeping wh I called?    He ak if I’d been sleeping wh he called.
Present Perfect  Simple               Past Perfect Simple
  said, “I’ve already eaten”     told me that she’d already eaten.
  “We haven’t been to”said.     said they hadn’t been to...
  “Have u worked here?” I ak    I akher whether she’d worked there.
Present Perfect Continuous              Past Perfect Continuous
  “I’ve been -ing ”said.                  He said he’d been -ing .
 he said, “we’ve been -ing”    he told me that they’d been -ing.
  “Have you been -ing?” ask  They asked whether I’d been -ing.
Past Perfect Simple                 Past Perfect Simple (NO CHANGE)
  “I’d been to..,” he said.             He said that he’d been to...
Past Perfect Continuous           Past Perfect Continuous (NO CHANGE)
  She said, “I’d been dancing ...”     She said she’d been dancing 

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